Mosaic Soap – CP and M&P

When I learned that this month’s soap challenge was to be a CP/M&P combination, I knew right away that I wanted to try to make a mosaic soap with coloured embeds.  I felt sure that the transparency of the M&P would add a different dimension to the “tiles”, which would lift the design from being plain into something special. I’ve always … Continue reading

Ginger Drops soap – CP and M&P

Here is my entry for the CP/M&P soap challenge: This is only my second attempt at using M&P soap base – the first being 2 or 3 days earlier to make embeds for my mosaic soap, which I decided not to submit as my entry for the challenge ……. I started out making HP soap about 6 or 7 years ago, … Continue reading

French clay soaps

French Argiletz Clay Soaps

Coloured clays were amongst the first natural colourants I started experimenting with when I started making soap – and I quickly realized that creating beautiful looking soap was only a small part of the appeal of clays.  The major benefit (in my humble opinion!) is in the silky feel and great lather of a clay soap, and how good your skin feels after you’ve used … Continue reading

Lovely lavender!

All Natural Lavender Soap

Don’t you love lavender?  I always have …… right from as early as I can remember.  As a young child (way, way back!!!) I was told that lavender was an older person’s fragrance – but I loved it anyway!  And after seeing the incredible purple fields in Provence many times now, and growing it in our own garden, I love lavender even more. … Continue reading

Rooibos soaps – with honey and with oatmeal

Rooibos soaps

Anyone who has read any of my posts will almost certainly be aware that I’m a big fan of rooibos tea in soap – and that I’ve made many different rooibos soaps over the years.  Including my rooibos ghost swirl soap for the Soap Challenge Club last year: I’m currently using the very last bar (one of the 2 in this … Continue reading

“Pretty in Pinks” – spinning swirl

Here’s my entry for the April Soap Challenge Club: While looking at soaping videos on YouTube a few weeks ago, I came across this video of an Asian soapmaker doing the spinning swirl – and was both intrigued and inspired!  I had a clear vision of the soap I wanted to make, and mentally set aside the Easter long weekend to try it.  … Continue reading

Spoon swirl – Soap Challenge, December 2014

 Here’s my entry for the December Soap Challenge – the spoon swirl: I’ve seen videos of the spoon swirl and really marvelled at some of the results, but I never actually tried it until now ……  That’s why I love doing these challenges!  The spoon swirl is actually a simple swirling technique compared to some that we’ve taken on in the challenge club, so … Continue reading

Palmarosa – ITP swirled soap

Palmarosa soap: an in-the-pot (ITP) swirl Usually when I make a new soap, I start with a source of inspiration about what I want to achieve – perhaps a place or a flower, etc – and this helps me select colours, swirling techniques and even the essential oils to scent the soap.  But with this soap, I started with a colour palette I … Continue reading

Terracotta soap – colour challenge, July 2014

A soap challenge with a difference this month – with a colour challenge rather than the usual challenge of learning a new swirling technique.  And best of all, there’s a separate category for natural colourants!  Thanks, Amy! Here’s my entry for this month: I made 3 soaps for the challenge, and found it quite tough to select the one to … Continue reading

West Indian sandalwood soap – secret feather swirl

Sandalwood soap

Well, I knew that I’d need to try the secret feather swirl again soon – but I did manage to hold out until I’d got my husband to help me make a new mold that would allow me to make the longer, more elegant version of the swirl in a vertical mold.   We made the mold very simply out of pine, … Continue reading