Marbled Citrus – “one pot swirl”

Having successfully made a good entry for the Soap Challenge Club, I decided that for my next soap I wanted to have another attempt at the “one pot swirl” or Japanese swirl. My inspiration for the soap was some pink grapefruit essential oil.  But knowing that citrus EOs don’t stick very long in cured soap, I thought it could be … Continue reading

Épices de soie / Silk Spice – “one pot” swirl

This is my latest attempt at the “one pot” swirl: My favourite of Clyde’s soaps that he’s made using his Clyde slide technique was the green tea and pear soap – and I wanted to get closer to that look (using the one pot swirl) with this batch.  So I watched his video again to see (1) how thick his soap … Continue reading

Jasmine Silk – “Clyde slide” swirl

Here’s my entry into the September Soap Challenge: Background to the challenge: This month we’re setting about mastering a new technique (or is it??!) called the Clyde slide.  I’d watched a video that Clyde Yoshida of Virant Soaps had posted on YouTube on the technique a few weeks ago, before realizing that this would be our challenge for September …….!  And as … Continue reading