Sel de Camargue – a salt soap with Camargue salt

Camargue Salt soap bars

Over the last few years I’ve read a lot about the benefits of salt soap and so many people seem to rave about them.  But until about a week ago I’d never made a salt bar …… In my reading, I’ve learned a few things about salt bars – most notably that you need a high proportion of coconut oil to … Continue reading

“Made in Magstatt” – my new soap stamp

French clay drop swirl

As part of my prize for winning the Soap Challenge Club in October, I won a soap stamp made by Alex Kelly.  I’d been wanting to order one for a long time, but there always seemed to be other soaping supplies to buy before I ordered a stamp ….  So it is wonderful to finally have my very own! But … Continue reading

Soap making classes …..

Natural honey soap

I had a great opportunity (or excuse??) to make more soap in December, when a friend visited for a few days so that I could teach her to make handmade soap!  I’d never taught anyone before, and found the experience quite rewarding ….. so thought I’d write a few words about it – and share some photos of the soap we … Continue reading