“Opposites” – a double secret feather swirl

This is my entry for the March soap challenge:

“Opposites” – double secret feather swirl

The secret feather swirl has been one of my most favourite swirls for a long time, and I’ve tried several approaches to get the abstract and wispy, feathery look that Vinvela Ebony (Dandelion SeiFee) had in her original feather soaps …..  Not all have worked (!!), but I’ve made several batches that I’ve felt quite proud of – some of which you can read more about here on my blog.

The one I’m most proud of is the rooibos ghost swirl:

Rooibos tea soap – ghost swirl

So because I felt fairly comfortable with the technique, I thought that I’d use the challenge this month to push myself and try something that I’d never done before: a double feather.  To make it a little more tricky (like that was necessary!!), I also decided to do a contrasting feather …..  So have one half of the soap with a secret feather and the other half with a reverse feather.  Let’s just say that I was either feeling brave or delusional when I made that decision!

Here are photos of some of the bars:

“Opposites” – double secret feather swirl soap

The colourants I used were:

  • kaolin for the white
  • red French clay (Argiletz) for the red; and
  • activated charcoal for the dark grey.

Because I was a little concerned that the contrast using just the red clay and kaolin may not be as impactful as I hoped, I decided to add in a dark grey on both sides, to accentuate the swirl.  The soap is scented with a blend of cedar wood and cabrueva essential oils, which suits the strong colour scheme – and has a beautiful sweet, woody fragrance.

The whole process went fairly smoothly, considering the difficulty of what I’d taken on.  And the only problem or disappointment with the batch was that by pouring the feather on one side first, the divider (which I thought was wedged into the mold firmly enough!) shifted a little as the soap volume on that side was higher – so the precision of the colour divide is not what I’d hoped.  But in fact, the imperfection of the colour divide has grown on me, and I actually like the soap more because of it.  All in all, I’m really pleased with how the contrasting the double feathers turned out!  And with how lovely the soap looks and smells …..

Thanks for reading – and happy soaping!



“Opposites” – a double secret feather swirl — 13 Comments

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  2. Your creativity really shone through on this soap, Debbie! I agree with you regarding the look of the soap because of the divider shifting – the results offered a wonderful element oveverall. The movement of the swirls would have looked much different if they were framed with perfectly divided lines. I think the imperfection of it gave a wonderfully natural look to the design. Perfect for an all-natural soap!

    • Thanks so much, Debi. I did make 2 other soaps after this (didn’t attempt another double feather though!) because I wasn’t sure about the “imperfection” …… But neither was as striking as this one, and somehow every time I looked at it I liked it more!! So it was a no-brainer to choose which soap to enter.

  3. Oh your soaps are so lovely!! Your Roobios tea ghost soap is one of my favorites 🙂 Great job!!

  4. Very ambitious design, for sure! It’s beautiful! I love the dark grey accents – really give a nice depth to the design, which is very free-flowing and lovely!

    • Thanks so much, Amy – both for your kind comments, and for organizing these challenges! They’re a great way to learn new skills, and to improve existing skills.

  5. Debbie, Your double feather is beautiful! I had thought of trying this but since I had never tried any feathers before I chickened out! Your pretty soaps are very inspiring ☺🌻

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