Monochrome secret feather swirl

This soap was one of the batches I made for the Soap Challenge club, which I elected not to submit because I felt that the “Opposites” soap was the most striking …..  But I do love the soap, so thought I’d post a few pictures.

The soap was made using my usual slow-moving recipe, and is coloured with kaolin for the white/ background colour and activated charcoal for the 2 shades of grey.  It’s scented with a blend of cedar wood and bay laurel essential oils, so has a gorgeous woody fragrance with the hint of spicy-ness that bay brings.  I love it!

However, as any good soaper reading what I just wrote about “spicy” fragrances (even essential oils!) will know, spicy scents come with a risk of acceleration.  And acceleration is what happened!  The soap thickened up far more quickly than I’d planned, and I was extremely concerned that I wouldn’t get the wispy look that makes me love the secret feather swirl so much.  If fact, this was the very first time I managed to have a textured top of a secret feather soap!

Textured top on a secret feather swirl …. a first for me!

I cut the soap about 16 hours after pouring and it was already quite hard, which was amazing for an ungelled soap – or at least one with my swirling recipe!  My greatest fear was the “halo” in the centre of the soap, which I feared could be a partial gel.

Monochrome secret feather bars – just cut

And a “close(r)-up” shot:

The halo was a worry ….

But as the soap has dried and cured, the halo has completely vanished.  So here are some photos of some of the bars in all their glory:

Monochrome secret feather

Monochrome secret feather

I think this one looks like a feather quill

Monochrome secret feather

Monochrome secret feather

I was initially disappointed that the soap didn’t turn out as white as I’d hoped – which is unusual with this recipe.  My best guess is that this is related to the EOs, but I can’t be sure about this.  Either way, I’ve decided that the creaminess of the background colour really works with the monochrome feathers ……  So it really is not a problem.

Thanks for reading – and happy soaping!


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