Birds of Paradise soap – a secret feather swirl

Spring has arrived!  And each day the leaves seem greener, and more flowers are blooming.  Such a beautiful time of year which always brings freshness and renewal to mind.

The colours I chose for this soap were reminiscent of spring.  I wanted to go with a pale green background, so that the other colours would really stand out.  Sadly I haven’t managed to get the green colour on the photos to look green …. but please trust me, it really is a pale shade of green!

secret feather swirl

Feather pattern on top

I wanted very fine, wispy swirls on this soap, so poured at a thin trace.  This gave me plenty of time to create some feather patterns on the top, because the soap was still so fluid.

Here is a photo of the bars shortly after cutting:

secret feather swirl

Just-cut soap bars

For the very first time using this technique, I ended up with a swirl resembling a bird more than a feather!  So I’ve called the soap “Bird of Paradise”.

Here are some photos of some of the bars after a few days, when they’d been cleaned up a little:

Secret feather swirl

Do you see the bird shape?

This one makes me think of a peacock

Bird of Paradise soap secret feather

Bird of Paradise soap

Bird of Paradise soap secret feather

The colourants I used were a small amount of French green clay (Argiltez) for the main / background colour, red Argiletz clay for the red, indigo for the blue, and finely ground calendula petals (dried) for the yellow.  The soap is scented with a blend of floral essential oils – lavender, rose Maroc and just a touch of litsea to add that characteristic citrus scent.

Thanks for reading – and happy soaping!


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