Palmarosa – ITP swirled soap

Palmarosa soap: an in-the-pot (ITP) swirl Usually when I make a new soap, I start with a source of inspiration about what I want to achieve – perhaps a place or a flower, etc – and this helps me select colours, swirling techniques and even the essential oils to scent the soap.  But with this soap, I started with a colour palette I … Continue reading

Negative space embeds challenge

As for many other people, August was a busy month for me – and as much as I’ve looked forward to experimenting with this technique, I didn’t have time to make more than a single batch for the challenge.  So here’s my entry: My original vision was a dove grey soap, with a faux funnel pour in darker grey, white and … Continue reading

Terracotta soap – colour challenge, July 2014

A soap challenge with a difference this month – with a colour challenge rather than the usual challenge of learning a new swirling technique.  And best of all, there’s a separate category for natural colourants!  Thanks, Amy! Here’s my entry for this month: I made 3 soaps for the challenge, and found it quite tough to select the one to … Continue reading

Hanger swirled soaps

A couple of months ago I decided that I really wanted to experiment with the hanger swirl, including the secret feather swirl, so I made a few batches of soap experimenting with my newly-made “hanger”.  I bent some garden wire (which is coated in green plastic) to fit my molds, and used a couple of drinking straws over the wire … Continue reading

Blue chamomile – hanger swirl

Blue chamomile soap

It seems that whenever I take part in the Soap Challenge Club, I take the opportunity to experiment with “new” natural colouring agents or essential oils – and my entry this month (below) is no exception.  I recently bought some chamomile EO, and although I was nervous about it causing acceleration, I decided to use it anyway …… and I’m really … Continue reading

West Indian sandalwood soap – secret feather swirl

Sandalwood soap

Well, I knew that I’d need to try the secret feather swirl again soon – but I did manage to hold out until I’d got my husband to help me make a new mold that would allow me to make the longer, more elegant version of the swirl in a vertical mold.   We made the mold very simply out of pine, … Continue reading

Repurposing soap – “curls” and “mosaic” embeds

Mosaic soap

Soaping is a great creative outlet, and I love trying out new pouring or swirling techniques, molds, natural colouring agents and essential oils.  Most of the time, I end up with beautiful soap.  But every now and then something goes wrong, and the soap doesn’t look great.  Up until now, we’ve just used up the “less than beautful” experiments at home ….. … Continue reading

The “secret feather swirl” – my first attempt

Secret feather swirl

I love discovering and trying new soap swirling techniques, so was really excited this week to find one I hadn’t seen before.  And of course, after watching the video on the technique, I wanted to try it ASAP!  Here’s a photo of the “original”: This technique was called the “secret feather swirl” on the Mini’s Seifen blog (  And from … Continue reading

Calendula Blossom soap

So, the April Soap Challenge Club theme is flower power!  Here is my entry: The making of calendula blossom soap: Fortunately the technique we used to make the soap was up to each club member, because I’m hopeless at piping.  So I went searching on Google for some inspirational images (as you do) …… and I came up with a few “themes” of floral design, … Continue reading

Drop swirl – blending natural colours

Fortunately I set about making my first attempt at the drop swirl directly after registering for this month’s challenge ….. because a few days later, our last minute ski weekend in Switzerland left me in a knee brace and on crutches!  Luckily no broken bones, but some torn ligaments.  But I did feel good enough to make a second attempt … Continue reading