Birds of Paradise soap – a secret feather swirl

secret feather swirl

Spring has arrived!  And each day the leaves seem greener, and more flowers are blooming.  Such a beautiful time of year which always brings freshness and renewal to mind. The colours I chose for this soap were reminiscent of spring.  I wanted to go with a pale green background, so that the other colours would really stand out.  Sadly I haven’t managed … Continue reading

French clay soaps

French Argiletz Clay Soaps

Coloured clays were amongst the first natural colourants I started experimenting with when I started making soap – and I quickly realized that creating beautiful looking soap was only a small part of the appeal of clays.  The major benefit (in my humble opinion!) is in the silky feel and great lather of a clay soap, and how good your skin feels after you’ve used … Continue reading

Terracotta soap – colour challenge, July 2014

A soap challenge with a difference this month – with a colour challenge rather than the usual challenge of learning a new swirling technique.  And best of all, there’s a separate category for natural colourants!  Thanks, Amy! Here’s my entry for this month: I made 3 soaps for the challenge, and found it quite tough to select the one to … Continue reading