Indigo Ghost Swirl

I’ve been fascinated by the ghost swirl since I first read Clara Lindberg’s posts on varying the amount of water in soap to selectively gel parts of the soap, and seeing her ghost swirl soap was enough motivation to try it!  So I experimented using rooibos tea, and had planned to try the technique with a range of natural colourants to compare … Continue reading

Neroli and lemongrass – “side-swirled” soap

Neroli and Lemongrass Soap

A couple of months ago I set out to replenish my stock of essential oils (EOs), and as usual added one or two that I’ve not used before to my order – and this time that included some neroli absolute.  So I used my tiny (but costly!) bottle of neroli as my primary inspiration for this soap, and tried to match … Continue reading

Melting solid oils with lye – my soaping experiment!!

What I love most about soapmaking is the opportunity it affords to combine science with design and creativity ……  And there’s just SO much to learn; so many soap-making and swirling techniques to experiment with, that I can’t ever imagine getting bored! This post is about 2 experiments in a single soap: a new method to make soap; and an experiment … Continue reading

Hanger swirled soaps

A couple of months ago I decided that I really wanted to experiment with the hanger swirl, including the secret feather swirl, so I made a few batches of soap experimenting with my newly-made “hanger”.  I bent some garden wire (which is coated in green plastic) to fit my molds, and used a couple of drinking straws over the wire … Continue reading

Blue chamomile – hanger swirl

Blue chamomile soap

It seems that whenever I take part in the Soap Challenge Club, I take the opportunity to experiment with “new” natural colouring agents or essential oils – and my entry this month (below) is no exception.  I recently bought some chamomile EO, and although I was nervous about it causing acceleration, I decided to use it anyway …… and I’m really … Continue reading