Birds of Paradise soap – a secret feather swirl

secret feather swirl

Spring has arrived!  And each day the leaves seem greener, and more flowers are blooming.  Such a beautiful time of year which always brings freshness and renewal to mind. The colours I chose for this soap were reminiscent of spring.  I wanted to go with a pale green background, so that the other colours would really stand out.  Sadly I haven’t managed … Continue reading

Indigo Ghost Swirl

I’ve been fascinated by the ghost swirl since I first read Clara Lindberg’s posts on varying the amount of water in soap to selectively gel parts of the soap, and seeing her ghost swirl soap was enough motivation to try it!  So I experimented using rooibos tea, and had planned to try the technique with a range of natural colourants to compare … Continue reading

Sel de Camargue – a salt soap with Camargue salt

Camargue Salt soap bars

Over the last few years I’ve read a lot about the benefits of salt soap and so many people seem to rave about them.  But until about a week ago I’d never made a salt bar …… In my reading, I’ve learned a few things about salt bars – most notably that you need a high proportion of coconut oil to … Continue reading

Marbled Mantra swirl – August Soap Challenge Club

Here’s my entry for the challenge: I particularly enjoyed the challenge this month, because it’s the first time I’ve EVER been successful with a soap swirl that requires the use of squeeze bottles (huge achievement!) and because I actually learned 3 new techniques in one!  Well, technically I should say that I learned 2 techniques, because I didn’t try the linear … Continue reading

“Soap Landscape” – Stormy Skies

This month the soap challenge club theme was the in-the-pot (ITP) swirl, and here is my entry: My idea for this soap was to create a “soap landscape”, with green hills, a blue/grey sky and use white and 2 shades of grey to achieve an effect that looks like dark thunder clouds.  To be sure that the bulk of the soap … Continue reading

Palmarosa – ITP swirled soap

Palmarosa soap: an in-the-pot (ITP) swirl Usually when I make a new soap, I start with a source of inspiration about what I want to achieve – perhaps a place or a flower, etc – and this helps me select colours, swirling techniques and even the essential oils to scent the soap.  But with this soap, I started with a colour palette I … Continue reading

Blue chamomile – hanger swirl

Blue chamomile soap

It seems that whenever I take part in the Soap Challenge Club, I take the opportunity to experiment with “new” natural colouring agents or essential oils – and my entry this month (below) is no exception.  I recently bought some chamomile EO, and although I was nervous about it causing acceleration, I decided to use it anyway …… and I’m really … Continue reading

Drop swirl – blending natural colours

Fortunately I set about making my first attempt at the drop swirl directly after registering for this month’s challenge ….. because a few days later, our last minute ski weekend in Switzerland left me in a knee brace and on crutches!  Luckily no broken bones, but some torn ligaments.  But I did feel good enough to make a second attempt … Continue reading

More lavender soap – with lime this time!

One of my soaping objectives for 2014 is to continue experimenting with colours and swirling techniques – so I made this batch of soap to achieve 2 things:  to see whether I could mix French pink clay with indigo to get a purple colour; and  to try to get very fine swirls of colour using an in the pot (ITP) … Continue reading