Lovely lavender!

All Natural Lavender Soap

Don’t you love lavender?  I always have …… right from as early as I can remember.  As a young child (way, way back!!!) I was told that lavender was an older person’s fragrance – but I loved it anyway!  And after seeing the incredible purple fields in Provence many times now, and growing it in our own garden, I love lavender even more. … Continue reading

Zebra Soap

Zebra Soap

The technique for this month’s Soap Challenge Club is called sculpted layers, where successive layers of soap are poured and “sculpted” to create a design in the soap.  Here’s my entry: This soap was my second attempt at the sculpted layers technique.  The natural colourants I used were kaolin for the white stripes and activated charcoal for the black – although I … Continue reading

“Made in Magstatt” – my new soap stamp

French clay drop swirl

As part of my prize for winning the Soap Challenge Club in October, I won a soap stamp made by Alex Kelly.  I’d been wanting to order one for a long time, but there always seemed to be other soaping supplies to buy before I ordered a stamp ….  So it is wonderful to finally have my very own! But … Continue reading

Soap making classes …..

Natural honey soap

I had a great opportunity (or excuse??) to make more soap in December, when a friend visited for a few days so that I could teach her to make handmade soap!  I’d never taught anyone before, and found the experience quite rewarding ….. so thought I’d write a few words about it – and share some photos of the soap we … Continue reading

Marbled Mantra swirl – August Soap Challenge Club

Here’s my entry for the challenge: I particularly enjoyed the challenge this month, because it’s the first time I’ve EVER been successful with a soap swirl that requires the use of squeeze bottles (huge achievement!) and because I actually learned 3 new techniques in one!  Well, technically I should say that I learned 2 techniques, because I didn’t try the linear … Continue reading

“Pretty in Pinks” – spinning swirl

Here’s my entry for the April Soap Challenge Club: While looking at soaping videos on YouTube a few weeks ago, I came across this video of an Asian soapmaker doing the spinning swirl – and was both intrigued and inspired!  I had a clear vision of the soap I wanted to make, and mentally set aside the Easter long weekend to try it.  … Continue reading

“Soap Landscape” – Stormy Skies

This month the soap challenge club theme was the in-the-pot (ITP) swirl, and here is my entry: My idea for this soap was to create a “soap landscape”, with green hills, a blue/grey sky and use white and 2 shades of grey to achieve an effect that looks like dark thunder clouds.  To be sure that the bulk of the soap … Continue reading

Palmarosa – ITP swirled soap

Palmarosa soap: an in-the-pot (ITP) swirl Usually when I make a new soap, I start with a source of inspiration about what I want to achieve – perhaps a place or a flower, etc – and this helps me select colours, swirling techniques and even the essential oils to scent the soap.  But with this soap, I started with a colour palette I … Continue reading

Blue chamomile – hanger swirl

Blue chamomile soap

It seems that whenever I take part in the Soap Challenge Club, I take the opportunity to experiment with “new” natural colouring agents or essential oils – and my entry this month (below) is no exception.  I recently bought some chamomile EO, and although I was nervous about it causing acceleration, I decided to use it anyway …… and I’m really … Continue reading