Birds of Paradise soap – a secret feather swirl

secret feather swirl

Spring has arrived!  And each day the leaves seem greener, and more flowers are blooming.  Such a beautiful time of year which always brings freshness and renewal to mind. The colours I chose for this soap were reminiscent of spring.  I wanted to go with a pale green background, so that the other colours would really stand out.  Sadly I haven’t managed … Continue reading

Monochrome secret feather swirl

Monochrome secret feather

This soap was one of the batches I made for the Soap Challenge club, which I elected not to submit because I felt that the “Opposites” soap was the most striking …..  But I do love the soap, so thought I’d post a few pictures. The soap was made using my usual slow-moving recipe, and is coloured with kaolin for … Continue reading

Indigo Ghost Swirl

I’ve been fascinated by the ghost swirl since I first read Clara Lindberg’s posts on varying the amount of water in soap to selectively gel parts of the soap, and seeing her ghost swirl soap was enough motivation to try it!  So I experimented using rooibos tea, and had planned to try the technique with a range of natural colourants to compare … Continue reading

French clay soaps

French Argiletz Clay Soaps

Coloured clays were amongst the first natural colourants I started experimenting with when I started making soap – and I quickly realized that creating beautiful looking soap was only a small part of the appeal of clays.  The major benefit (in my humble opinion!) is in the silky feel and great lather of a clay soap, and how good your skin feels after you’ve used … Continue reading

Lovely lavender!

All Natural Lavender Soap

Don’t you love lavender?  I always have …… right from as early as I can remember.  As a young child (way, way back!!!) I was told that lavender was an older person’s fragrance – but I loved it anyway!  And after seeing the incredible purple fields in Provence many times now, and growing it in our own garden, I love lavender even more. … Continue reading

Neroli and lemongrass – “side-swirled” soap

Neroli and Lemongrass Soap

A couple of months ago I set out to replenish my stock of essential oils (EOs), and as usual added one or two that I’ve not used before to my order – and this time that included some neroli absolute.  So I used my tiny (but costly!) bottle of neroli as my primary inspiration for this soap, and tried to match … Continue reading

Zebra Soap

Zebra Soap

The technique for this month’s Soap Challenge Club is called sculpted layers, where successive layers of soap are poured and “sculpted” to create a design in the soap.  Here’s my entry: This soap was my second attempt at the sculpted layers technique.  The natural colourants I used were kaolin for the white stripes and activated charcoal for the black – although I … Continue reading

Sel de Camargue – a salt soap with Camargue salt

Camargue Salt soap bars

Over the last few years I’ve read a lot about the benefits of salt soap and so many people seem to rave about them.  But until about a week ago I’d never made a salt bar …… In my reading, I’ve learned a few things about salt bars – most notably that you need a high proportion of coconut oil to … Continue reading

“Made in Magstatt” – my new soap stamp

French clay drop swirl

As part of my prize for winning the Soap Challenge Club in October, I won a soap stamp made by Alex Kelly.  I’d been wanting to order one for a long time, but there always seemed to be other soaping supplies to buy before I ordered a stamp ….  So it is wonderful to finally have my very own! But … Continue reading