Birds of Paradise soap – a secret feather swirl

secret feather swirl

Spring has arrived!  And each day the leaves seem greener, and more flowers are blooming.  Such a beautiful time of year which always brings freshness and renewal to mind. The colours I chose for this soap were reminiscent of spring.  I wanted to go with a pale green background, so that the other colours would really stand out.  Sadly I haven’t managed … Continue reading

Monochrome secret feather swirl

Monochrome secret feather

This soap was one of the batches I made for the Soap Challenge club, which I elected not to submit because I felt that the “Opposites” soap was the most striking …..  But I do love the soap, so thought I’d post a few pictures. The soap was made using my usual slow-moving recipe, and is coloured with kaolin for … Continue reading

“Opposites” – a double secret feather swirl

This is my entry for the March soap challenge: The secret feather swirl has been one of my most favourite swirls for a long time, and I’ve tried several approaches to get the abstract and wispy, feathery look that Vinvela Ebony (Dandelion SeiFee) had in her original feather soaps …..  Not all have worked (!!), but I’ve made several batches that I’ve felt … Continue reading

Blue chamomile – hanger swirl

Blue chamomile soap

It seems that whenever I take part in the Soap Challenge Club, I take the opportunity to experiment with “new” natural colouring agents or essential oils – and my entry this month (below) is no exception.  I recently bought some chamomile EO, and although I was nervous about it causing acceleration, I decided to use it anyway …… and I’m really … Continue reading

West Indian sandalwood soap – secret feather swirl

Sandalwood soap

Well, I knew that I’d need to try the secret feather swirl again soon – but I did manage to hold out until I’d got my husband to help me make a new mold that would allow me to make the longer, more elegant version of the swirl in a vertical mold.   We made the mold very simply out of pine, … Continue reading

The “secret feather swirl” – my first attempt

Secret feather swirl

I love discovering and trying new soap swirling techniques, so was really excited this week to find one I hadn’t seen before.  And of course, after watching the video on the technique, I wanted to try it ASAP!  Here’s a photo of the “original”: This technique was called the “secret feather swirl” on the Mini’s Seifen blog (  And from … Continue reading